mt INTERIOR PHOTO CONTEST Deadline 2019.12.10 24:00 Coordinate your space with mt-mt CASA! Enter our contest and win the grand prize to get invited to the mt factory tour. mt INTERIOR PHOTO CONTEST Deadline 2019.12.10 24:00 Coordinate your space with mt-mt CASA! Enter our contest and win the grand prize to get invited to the mt factory tour.

Theme: Home Decoration

Photos of floor/wall/furniture decoration using mt·mt CASA.

What can we do with mt CASA?

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Entry period

October 10, 2019 to December 10, 2019, 24:00 deadline (Japan time)


〈Grand Prize〉
Invitation to the factory tour: 1 person.
(Transportation expenses and lodging for 1 night paid by the Company) *In accordance with company regulations.
〈Runner-up Prize〉
Complete book on mt and factory-tour limited edition tape set: 2 persons

Announcement of winners

The grand prize and runner-up prize winners will be announced by January 31, 2020.

If you do not receive an entry acceptance mail
  • ●An entry acceptance mail will be sent automatically upon completion of entry.
  • ●You may not receive this mail if you are using freemail or there is an error in the mail address input.
  • ●Also, if you are using freemail, the entry acceptance mail may be misrecognized as junk mail and may not be displayed in your inbox. Please also check for this possibility.
  • ●If you do not receive an acceptance mail and you would like to check whether or not your entry was accepted, please inquire with “Kamoi Kakoshi INTERIOR PHOTO CONTEST Customer Services (+81-86-465-5814).”
Precautions regarding entry, winning, and prizes
  • ●Communication fees, etc. necessary for campaign entry, etc. shall be paid by the customers.
  • ●Be careful as your entry may be invalidated if there is any error in the necessary matters.
  • ●We will not respond to inquiries concerning confirmation of entry acceptance and award results.
  • ●Delivery of the prize shall be limited to the entrant’s own address.
  • ●If the prize cannot be delivered due to such reasons as your address or new address being unknown, long-term absence, etc., the winning will be invalidated.
  • ●The design/specifications of the prize may change.
  • ●Please note that we will not perform replacement, conversion into cash, or payment in exchange of the prize.
  • ●The winning rights shall belong to the entrant him/herself and cannot be transferred.
  • ● If the necessary procedures are not performed within 7 days after receiving the notification of winning, the winning will be invalidated.
  • ●Employees and corporate insiders of Kamoi Kakoshi Co., Ltd. may not enter the contest.
Precautions regarding submissions
  • ●Communication fees, etc. necessary for submission of images and comments, etc. shall be paid by the customers.
    If an intellectual property right, such as a portrait right, copyright, trademark right, etc., or other right of a third party is used in submitting an image or comment, please make the submission upon obtaining the agreement of the third party in advance.
  • ●The Company shall not be concerned whatsoever with any dispute regarding a complaint or objection from a third party in the process of submitting an image or comment and such disputes shall be resolved under the responsibility of the submitter. Also, the Company shall not bear any liability whatsoever for damages occurring in such cases.
  • ●All copyrights related to a submitted photo (including rights related to use of derivative works) shall be transferred to and belong to the Company by entry into the present campaign, and the customer shall not exercise author’s moral rights or other rights in regard to use of the submitted photos by the Company.
  • ●A customer shall be prohibited from submitting matter corresponding to the following in submitting images and comments.
    • •Matter contrary to public order or morality, matter related to election, politics, or religious activity, or matter intended for making profit
    • •Matter that may infringe on property or privacy of a third party
    • •Matter that disgusts or may disgust a third party
      (a violent expression, a grotesque expression, an expression that may lead to discrimination, a sexual or obscene content, etc.)
    • •Matter that defames or slanders a third party
    • •Matter that inflicts damage or loss on a third party
    • •Matter that damages the trust of a third party
    • •Matter inviting, provoking, or promoting suicide, mass suicide, self-injury, use of illegal drugs, use of quasi-legal drugs, etc.
    • •Matter that leads or may lead to a crime threat, a crime instruction or a crime.
    • •Or matter that provokes the above or matter that includes a telephone number or other information by which an individual’s identity can be specified
    • •An image in which an mt·mt CASA series product is not used
    • •Matter contrary to the entry procedures, the present rules, etc.
    • •Matter deemed to be an act of trolling
    • •Matter performing malicious and intentional public relations business or advertising
    • •Other matter deemed to be inappropriate by the Company
Secondary use of submitted matter

Please note that a submitted image or content may be used in a website or advertisement of the Company or in any of various press media, etc.

Regarding personal information

The personal information of a customer shall be used as statistical information not specifying the delivery of a prize and personal information for reference in future advertisement, public relations, and product development.
Also, personal information shall not be disclosed or provided without agreement of the customer to a third party other than a business consignee
(with the exception of cases where disclosure is required by law, etc.)
Please note that the personal information of a customer may be used for an introduction of a product, a questionnaire request, an introduction to a campaign, etc.

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