Thank you for all your entries.
After a tough selection process, we are pleased to announce our prize winners.

●Grand Prize 
Judith Schleifer

Grand Prize: judith Schleifer

●Runner-Up Prize: Two Persons

Runner-Up Prize: Gabriela VargasRunner-Up Prize: Gabriela Vargas
Gabriela Vargas
Runner-Up Prize: Manaho OharaRunner-Up Prize: Manaho Ohara
Manaho Ohara

Comments from judges

  • Franziska Kessler

    Franziska Kessler
    works as design-expert/design-journalist
    Grand Prize: Judith Schleifer
    A lovely and wonderful idea - light and funny - exactly what children rooms need or in the family living space. It's a great fun for the entire family members. And so inspiring including the look.
    Runner-Up Prize: Gabriela Vargas
    Innovative and colorful to create the personal spot in the room just with 5 different colors and tapes. The total look and feel to create different possibilities of use for wall decorations. Very feminine with the choice of strong pastel colors.
    Runner-Up Prize: Manaho Ohara
    This winner shows a strong wall decoration for a contemporary interior design. A real statement also for small spaces. The message is clear and understandable.
  • Virginia Maissen

    Virginia Maissen
    Interior architect VSI.ASAI.
    Grand Prize: Judith Schleifer
    A great overall staging. The idea and concept is well thought out. Staging and Styling is taken seriously, and one directly feels the fun and the positive vibes which this wall decoration creates for the whole family.
    Grand Prize: Gabriela Vargas
    The entire design concept is very charming and consistent. Through this color choice, you can very well feel the expression of creativity of a young female person who lives in this room. Really authentic and animating for a whole teenage generation.
    Runner-Up Prize: Manaho Ohara
    It's a great, creative idea and successful implementation to open up a white wall symbolically and aesthetically. Convincing idea, with a clear statement.
  • Darcy Miller

    Darcy Miller
    Party expert/bestselling author/illustrator
    Grand Prize: Judith Schleifer
    This is a wonderful use of an interior space to spark imagination. I love the bright color and playfulness of this design. It really inspires endless fun.
    Runner-Up Prize: Gabriela Vargas
    This entry really demonstrates the breadth of variety that one can achieve with this medium - covering the wall corner, individual pieces of art, and the independent framed piece at the top. The integration of the decor of colorful lights and purple fabric curtain unify the entire space.
    Runner-Up Prize: Manaho Ohara
    This is a fun clever surprise that breaks up the wall in the space so graphically. 
  • Koji Iyama

    Koji Iyama
    Art director/graphic designer
    It was mt's first interior photo contest and all the jurors were inspired by many interesting usages of mt.
    The point of the selection was a theme of interior decoration.
    Although it was very attractive when viewed as a single piece of work, there were many things that were not selected due to the weakness of the proposal of how to show it as an interior decoration.

    Judith's work was awarded a high reputation for presenting a very lovely view of the world, combined with the styling of the children and fun motif.
    For Gabriela's work, despite the fact that each is finished in a different way, I think that the work with a striking neon color was well coordinated with the color surface of the pillars, cards and cushions.
    Another excellence award was that the simple motif, which was made large in monotone, accentuated the powerful room and left an impression.

    Needless to say, "suggestions for new ways to use for interiors" are prioritized as evaluation criteria, but I also believe that it is a necessary part to be conscious of how to take photos and show their performance.
    We look forward to receiving more fun and fresh ideas for our next contest.
  • Yukio Taniguchi

    Yukio Taniguchi
    Senior Managing Director of Kamoi Kakoshi
    This time, there were more masterpieces of tape art, but I focused on works with the theme of "walls" for the judgement.
    The grand prize was a photo of a happy state, and I could feel that she was enjoying using the tape.
    The zipper has a bold layout and very impressive.
    I was attracted especially to the colorfulness of the pillar.